Our onboarding process includes establishing a deep understanding of your operation, developing a clear path to implementation, refined training to ensure user confidence and ongoing customer service and technical support in line with your operation’s scalable growth. GoDesta is invested in your success and strives to work in partnership with you to achieve your growth goals.

Our proven onboarding approach to your scalable success is summarised in our below approach:

  • We learn about your unique operation – GoDesta will commence with a discovery workshop with key personnel at your business to understand your organisation and how you work in deep detail
  • We identify critical needs and areas of improvement – We learn about your specific workflow processes and ensure that those processes are accounted for in our Transport Management Solutions approach
  • We transition your business effortlessly – we will create a clear project implementation plan so you know exactly when and what is required by set milestones. The implementation plan will also include training, data migration and system integration
  • We will support you, always!Our customer focussed approach ensures that our team is always available to answer your questions or troubleshoot challenges whenever they may arise. Our dedicated support team is committed to a query or technical support response within one hour during business hours, guaranteed.

GoDesta Transport Management System

Your operations’ success is the purpose of GoDesta’s existence. Above all, make sure that you speak to GoDesta about a solution that is committed to your long-term success.

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