Whether you are managing a small or large fleet, the GoDesta Transport Management System (TMS) enables you to capture all of the relevant data associated with subcontractors, drivers, and vehicles. Relevant data includes:

  • Subcontractor, vehicles and driver information
  • Rate cards & fuel allowances
  • Insurance records
  • Registration details
  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Driver inductions
  • Onboard equipment information which includes but is not limited to cranes, tailgates, chains & straps
  • Last & next service information
  • Truck specifications which includes but is not limited to weight and capacity information, vehicle dimensions & tray dimensions
  • Vehicle identification information which includes but is not limited to Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine number, colour, make and model, year & garage address

GoDesta’s refined and detailed Fleet Management capability provides key levels of information that ensure subcontractors, drivers and vehicles are compliant and road ready.

GoDesta Transport Management System

Save time with a clean and detailed layout that provides generous and comprehensive data so you always have optimal insights of your resources.

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GoDesta’s Fleet Management System captures a wide range of data to streamline fleet operations. This includes details of subcontractors, vehicles, and drivers, alongside rate cards, fuel allowances, and important compliance information like insurance, registration, driver licences, and inductions. It also tracks equipment details and service information, ensuring comprehensive oversight of all fleet-related aspects.

GoDesta’s system ensures compliance and operational readiness by maintaining up-to-date records on all subcontractors, drivers, and vehicles. This detailed information aids in adhering to regulatory standards and ensures that all fleet components are road-ready, contributing to improved safety and efficiency in operations.

The Transport Management System from GoDesta offers significant benefits, including time-saving features that enhance operational efficiency. Its clean layout facilitates easy access to comprehensive data, aiding in better resource management and decision-making. This leads to more streamlined and effective transport operations.

Yes, GoDesta’s solutions are designed to cater to the needs of both small and large fleets. The system is scalable, allowing it to adjust to different operational sizes and requirements, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can manage their fleets effectively.

GoDesta enhances operational efficiency by organising and presenting data in a manner that simplifies management decisions. With detailed insights into resources, fleet operators can optimise their operations, leading to more effective and efficient management of vehicles and drivers.

Yes, GoDesta’s system includes robust features for managing driver-specific information. This encompasses the tracking and management of licences, inductions, and personal details, ensuring that all driver-related data is efficiently organised and accessible. Learn more about our Driver Application!

The system includes features for tracking vehicle maintenance, highlighting the last and next service dates. This functionality aids in scheduling timely maintenance, ensuring that all vehicles are kept in optimal condition for reliable operations.

GoDesta assists in ensuring that all vehicles and drivers meet compliance standards by maintaining accurate and current information. This includes regulatory and legal requirements, ensuring that the fleet operates within the stipulated guidelines.

Yes, GoDesta can integrate with other business systems. Our Transport Management System is designed to adapt to a broad range of operator work processes and seamlessly integrates with various systems. It can import data flexibly and is customizable, ensuring compatibility with a wide selection of operational software systems. This integration capability allows for seamless communication with existing operational systems, avoiding additional administrative costs or training requirements.

GoDesta’s system efficiently manages insurance and registration details for all vehicles. This ensures that such critical information is always up-to-date and readily available for compliance and operational purposes.

Yes, GoDesta can track fuel expenses. The GoDesta Transport Management System includes a feature for managing fuel levies. This functionality allows transport operators to react to live fuel prices, manage costs efficiently, and incorporate fuel expenses into customer invoices and subcontractor payments. It helps reveal the true costs associated with individual deliveries and supports making profitable decisions based on current fuel levies.

Yes, GoDesta provides real-time data. Their Real Time Work Processes functionality focuses on meeting and managing customer expectations. This feature provides transport operators with a range of real-time information for efficient delivery management and quick response to unforeseen issues. It includes a real-time information dashboard, offering clear job insights and allowing for immediate adjustments to enhance customer satisfaction.