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GoDesta’s Fleet Management solution is designed to capture comprehensive data for subcontractors, drivers, and vehicles. This includes information on rate cards, fuel allowances, insurance records, registration details, driver’s licence, onboard equipment, service schedules, and vehicle specifications. Their refined fleet management system ensures all parties are compliant and road-ready, offering key data levels for efficient fleet management​​.

GoDesta’s Compliance Automation Module simplifies management of all compliance aspects related to regulatory governance. It provides a clear dashboard view of licensing, registration, and certification requirements for subcontractor vehicles. This module helps maintain safety standards and compliance, offering real-time alerts for compliance requirements, and it’s designed for businesses running their own fleets or using subcontractors​​.

GoDesta offers a customisable Transport Management System (TMS) for diverse  client management needs in freight management and logistics. Their system ensures a personalised client management experience, delivering the specific information clients need efficiently. Benefits include holistic transport management, fast and efficient management information, user-friendly navigation, and improved operational efficiency and profitability​​.

GoDesta’s Fuel Levy feature integrates negotiated fuel levies into customer invoices and subcontractor payments, allowing transport operators to react quickly to fluctuating fuel prices. It enables setting fuel levies appropriate to the business model, ensuring accurate job pricing and cost management. The system helps in managing costs proficiently, ensuring profit margins, and revealing granular costs associated with individual deliveries​​.

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The system integration module of GoDesta offers flexible data importing and can be tailored to integrate with a diverse range of operational software systems. In contrast to other transport management systems, GoDesta stands out as a purpose-built solution. The adaptable functionality of the GoDesta Transport Management System allows for seamless communication with existing operational systems, eliminating the need for costly administration expenses and additional training. It is ready to enhance your business from day one—simply connect it to your preferred software platform, and you can immediately leverage its full set of features.

The customer-centric dashboard allows your clients to tailor the displayed information according to their specific needs in transport operations. Whether they require essential insights or detailed data such as financial reports, Key Performance Indicators, delivery timeframes, and Proof of Delivery, the client-facing dashboard accommodates these preferences. This empowers your clients to make faster operational decisions, fostering transparency and greater control. GoDesta’s Transport Management System not only facilitates streamlined communications and workflows but also enhances client relationships, ensuring businesses maintain a seamless and efficient pace.

Establishing and maintaining strong relationships between suppliers and clients is crucial for fostering a harmonious working environment. In facilitating this, GoDesta’s Subcontractor Payment module serves as a seamless payment function, ensuring the timely and accurate compensation of operators without causing delays to your workflow. The comprehensive transport management system goes further by tracking all subcontractors and their deliveries, providing enhanced visibility into the associated costs. This proactive approach guarantees that subcontractors receive correct and precise payments. Moreover, the wealth of available data makes it easy to swiftly resolve any disputes or payment challenges, contributing to a smoother and more efficient payment process.

The driver mobile app captures real-time GPS data, providing precise information about the locations of your drivers throughout the day. With the GoDesta GPS Driver Tracking feature, you gain not only live updates on delivery progress for yourself and your clients but also a comprehensive, real-time, and historical overview of your delivery operations. This ensures that you stay well-informed at all times about the status and details of your deliveries.

GoDesta’s  Proof of Delivery (PoD) is an event-driven feature that captures detailed PoD information for each pick-up and delivery job. The driver app enables signature capture and photo evidence, ensuring conclusive PoD. This enhances management oversight, reduces customer service labour costs, and ensures delivery confidence and customer satisfaction​​.

GoDesta’s real-time work processes  functionality focuses on meeting customer expectations and managing fleet operations efficiently. It provides broad real-time information for efficient delivery and handling of unexpected issues. The system allows for quick reaction to changes, minimising downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction with centralised, accessible, and synchronised data​​.

GoDesta’s Transport Management System is designed to be powerful and flexible, implying a level of customization to fit specific business needs, especially in client management. However, for detailed customization options and capabilities, it’s advisable to contact GoDesta directly.

GoDesta’s  Operator Alerts  function issues alerts for compliance oversight, job delays, driver fatigue, and on-site incidents. This feature aims to reduce human error, save time and money, and improve competitive advantage by providing instant information. It ensures continuous compliance and supports operators in focusing on essential tasks.

GoDesta’s invoicing module eliminates potential human errors linked to invoicing by offering a customizable invoicing platform. This platform accommodates individual client parameters, guaranteeing the reliable and efficient processing of invoices without any failures.

Our established onboarding strategy for your scalable success is encapsulated in the following steps: Initially, GoDesta initiates a discovery workshop with key personnel in your organization to gain a profound understanding of your unique operation and workflow processes. Subsequently, we pinpoint critical needs and areas for improvement, ensuring that our Transport Management Solutions approach aligns seamlessly with your specific processes. Finally, we facilitate a smooth transition for your business by crafting a transparent project implementation plan, complete with set milestones, encompassing essential elements such as training, data migration, and system integration.

The GoDesta Transport Management System is designed to meticulously record pertinent details of your deliveries, ensuring a comprehensive view of every aspect. Operating on an information- and event-driven approach, it provides invaluable insights for client reporting and equips you with precise information to enhance your service delivery continuously. Moreover, should you or your clients necessitate more extensive data gathering, you can effortlessly request enhanced functionality from our team, and we will tailor the application to meet your specific needs. Whatever aspect of service reporting you require, GoDesta can seamlessly accommodate it for you.

Benefits of using GoDesta’s transport management solutions include enhanced compliance automation, efficient client and fleet management, real-time work process management, and effective proof of delivery systems. These features collectively improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Our onboarding procedure involves gaining a thorough comprehension of your operations, crafting a well-defined implementation plan, providing tailored training for user confidence, and delivering consistent customer service and technical support aligned with the scalable growth of your operation. GoDesta is committed to your success and endeavours to collaboratively work with you in achieving your growth.