Formed in 2017, GoDesta is a team of industry experienced people committed to revolutionising the transport industry. With over 35 years’ transport industry experience our team of specialists deeply understand the specific requirements of transport operators to ensure high levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Through a thorough investigation and deep research into the industry, GoDesta set out to understand the core issues and challenges transport operators endured on a daily basis. A result of this industry experience highlighted a significant need for customisation, seamless integration, ease of operation, onboarding and ongoing technical support. Insights garnered from this research were utilised as the foundations of the GoDesta point of difference. GoDesta is specifically designed to fit the business models of transport operators Australia-wide.  

Based on the research insights that GoDesta discovered, we subsequently partnered with a national road freight operator to implement and refine our ideology over the next three years. With great attention-to-detail, GoDesta developed a refined understanding of the transport operators’ business processes and built a customised solution that specifically met their needs, in particular operational efficiencies. 

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