Metro Express is a busy transport company which has been operating in Brisbane for the past 35 years. Specialising in on-demand transport solutions, Metro Express is well established in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Boasting one of Australia’s largest fleets, Metro Express runs multiple teams of transport operators that access their transport management software daily. 

The Problem

For over 19 years, Metro Express had been using an off-the-shelf transport management program to manage their operations. Due to the program’s significant limitations and lack of customised development programming, the Metro Express team became increasingly frustrated with the program’s lack of agility and functionality. 

The old program required the team to navigate to different pages to manage their various areas of workflow. It could only be operated via keyboard with no mouse navigation. This program was extremely rigid meaning that change and scalability was unachievable. Further, requests for customisation and improved functionality were simply not received. Russell Queale, Group Operations Manager for Metro Express, commented:

“Our old program was not able to keep pace with us. We wanted a list of developments from the program but were told it was too hard. Our customers were asking for more and we couldn’t provide it. One modification would require multiple messages, and even then, that request would take six months to become live, as they had to change the program for everyone.”

Russell queale – group operations manager (metro express)

The Solution

The Metro Express team switched to GoDesta in 2021 and immediately noticed the fresh and customer-centric approach to solving their challenges. This was a welcome change, as they knew that they had found a transport management system provider that understood their business rather than pushing a cookie-cutter approach onto them.

Ease of use.
Everything was on one screen – accounting, job bookings, GPS live tracking – and could be navigated with a mouse, making work faster and easier. As a cloud-based program, everyone had their own login and could access it from home, their mobile device, or the office. A sleek, clear display replaced the old analogue view. 

Ease of reporting.
Clunky reporting became a thing of the past. Metro Express could now manage all their reporting in one system. Not only that, but they could customise their reports to each customer’s needs. This customer-centric reporting function meant that Metro Express could easily translate clients’ different requirements. 

Ease of oversight.
GoDesta allowed clients to have multiple logins. Rather than a client having a generic login that had to be shared, ten employees could each have their own login to get proof of delivery, to book jobs, and live track the Metro Express vehicles, which was a huge positive. Each driver had their own login to the GoDesta app, so when they were ready for work, Metro Express could simply send them jobs automatically. These extra client logins were at no extra cost, which was another plus for the Metro Express team.


Today, Metro Express has significantly improved their operational efficiencies through reduced admin time, simplified daily management tasks, and enhanced their customer service all while bettering their bottom-line profitability. 

Thanks to GoDesta, Russell once again comments:

“Metro Express can now onboard our customers faster and be much more agile with our job bookings. What used to require time-consuming navigation between multiple screens now takes seconds. Whenever we need to customise the system, the new functionality is delivered quickly and exactly how we need it to be. Payments are now able to be processed a full day earlier every week. There are just too many improvements to mention. Our competition is still using the old program. I can’t imagine working without all the advantages we have using GoDesta.”

Russell Queale – group operations manager (metro express)

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