A busy NSW-based transport operator had been providing services to a large manufacturer of consumer goods for several years. They would collect faulty or under-warranty goods that needed to be repaired. They did this work across all of NSW, which is a significant area – over 208,000 kilometres of roads.

The Problem

The transport operator and the large manufacturer shared all their data through Excel spreadsheets, as is traditional for many operators. They used this as their sole means of communication, which raised a number of issues:

  • Their means of communication was slow and outdated
  • The functionality of the Excel spreadsheets to share information was limited and did not allow for any customisation
  • Data input and sharing required dedicated resources to manually enter data, taking staff away from their other duties

It became evident to the transport operator that their existing system was holding them back and hurting their customer relations.

The GoDesta Solution

The transport operator sought out GoDesta to streamline their operations and improve how they integrate with their client’s work processes. GoDesta worked with the transport operator closely to understand their unique transport requirements and how the information stored in the spreadsheet was used to dictate those requirements.

GoDesta implemented a bespoke process that significantly reduced operational overheads through a ‘one-click’ process of transposing the information in the shared spreadsheet directly into the GoDesta Transport Management System for the drivers to complete.

The transport operator’s General Manager had used the old system for over 20 years, but now that he is using GoDesta, he wishes he’d made the change years ago.

“I’d gotten used to using our Excel spreadsheets and imagined doing data input in the cloud would be difficult. Now, I realise that what we had been doing was difficult, and this is so much easier and faster. This streamlined data handling is now allowing us to accurately schedule and control in excess of 75 pick-ups a week across the entire NSW region, with only one person overseeing it, down from the original 3-person brief supplied by the client. We have gone from old fashioned Excel documents to a streamlined EDI, vastly improving our client communication, both to our client and the end users we are arranging physical collections from, saving huge amounts of time.”

General Manager

In addition, GoDesta’s Real Time Work Processes feature helped the transport operator improve their customer relationships in other ways:

  • The transport operator was able to communicate real-time changes to delivery timelines to their customers, managing customer expectations better
  • Having streamlined and central access to information allowed both the operator and customer to make informed decisions faster
  • Enhanced fleet transparency through real-time data boosted operational efficiency

The transport operator not only gained the initial improvements they sought by using the GoDesta TMS instead of Excel spreadsheets, but the ability to easily manage their fleet and workflows has made countless tasks faster and easier to complete. They are able to use their resources more efficiently and provide better service to their clients.

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