A national transport operator had a long-established partnership with a large retailer providing Australia-wide freight support and servicing a broad customer mix.

The Problem

After several years working together, the needs of the large retailer changed. They sought the ability to manage their transport requirements seamlessly through data integration and improved process automation. The retailer also required a range of variable workflows based on whether they were doing B2B sales or B2C sales, adding further complexity to the API Business Process Integration.

Though the transport operator was keen to meet their client’s requirements and maintain the strong relationship they had established, their existing TMS did not have the capability or flexibility to cater for their specific needs.

The GoDesta Solution

It was essential for the transport operator to find a TMS that provided significant customisation options to meet their clients’ requests as they had worked hard to establish a reputation for excellent customer service. They explored the GoDesta TMS and its highly adaptable interface and made the move.

GoDesta worked closely with the national transport operator to understand their business requirements and tailor the TMS so they could more effectively perform their deliveries. GoDesta also liaised at length with the large retailers’ service provider to understand their system integration requirements, and equipped with this information, developed a customised solution for the transport operator.

GoDesta implemented a solution that ensured the transport operator was able to effectively manage their deliveries while ensuring that the large retailer was able to feel confident that their work was being carried out without manual intervention.

The national transport operator was impressed with how their multiple customisation requests were quickly understood and implemented in the GoDesta program. The new functionalities were clearly explained by the GoDesta team and they worked exactly as requested. They were able to bring these new automations and workflows to their retail client and strengthen their customer relationship. The client made sure to tell the transport operator that they appreciated that all their requests were able to be met so quickly and fully.

The transport operator’s General Manager found the customisation capabilities of GoDesta have been a huge advantage to his business.

“We have always worked hard to take care of our clients and cater to their needs. However, our old TMS often limited how well we could provide customer service and respond to client requests. The customisable ability of GoDesta has allowed us to offer tailored solutions to this and other potential clients that already have their own transport management software in place. This gives the client the option to allocate a particular piece of work to us and GoDesta is then seamlessly able to book the complete job into our system, automatically. Once the job is started, updates are fed back into the client’s own system in real time, and PODs on completion.”

General Manager

The transport operator is delighted with their GoDesta TMS and continues to use GoDesta’s customisation capabilities to strengthen their customer relations.

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